Doctoral Degree in Electrical Engineering (PhD)
The University of Edinburgh, Stokes Research Group, 2014-2018

Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering (MSc)
The University of Edinburgh, 2013-2014

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (BEng)
Bochum University for Applied Sciences, 2009-2012

Certified Electronics Technician
German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, 2009-2012

Research Experience

Postdoctoral Fellowship
Harvard University, Whitesides Research Group, 2018-

Research Scholar
University of Michigan, APRIL Laboratory, 2015-2018

Industry Experience

Electrical Engineer
ThyssenKrupp Steel, 2013

Electronics Technician
ThyssenKrupp Steel, 2012

Research Assistant
ThyssenKrupp Steel, 2011

Journal Publications

12. A Soft Ring Oscillator
D. J. Preston, H. J. Jiang, V. Sanchez, P. Rothemund, J. Rawson, M. P. Nemitz, W. Lee, Z. Suo, C. J. Walsh, and G. M. Whitesides
Science Robotics, 2019. PDF

11. Digital Logic for Soft Devices
D. J. Preston, P. Rothemund, H. J. Jiang,* M. P. Nemitz,* J. Rawson, Z. Suo, and G. M. Whitesides
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 2019. PDF

10. Linbots: Soft, Modular Robots Utilising Voice Coils
R. M. McKenzie, M. E. Sayed, M. P. Nemitz, B. W. Flynn, and A. A. Stokes
Soft robotics, 2018.PDF

9. Soft RFID sensors: Wireless Long-range Strain Sensors Using Radio-frequency Identification
L. Teng, K. Pan, M. P. Nemitz, R. Song, Z. Hu, and A. A. Stokes
Soft robotics, 2018.

8. The Limpet: A ROS-Enabled Multi-Sensing Platform for the ORCA Hub
M. E. Sayed, M. P. Nemitz, S. Aracri, A. C. McConnell, R. M. McKenzie, and A. A. Stokes
Sensors, 2018. PDF

7. Capability by Stacking: The Current Design Heuristic for Soft Robots
S. T. Mahon, J. Roberts, M. E. Sayed, D. H. Chun, S. Aracri, R. M. McKenzie, M. P. Nemitz, and A. A. Stokes
Biomimetics, 2018. PDF

6. Multi-Functional Sensing for Swarm Robots Using Time Sequence Classification: HoverBot, an Example
M. P. Nemitz, R. Marcotte, M. E. Sayed, G. Ferrer, A. O. Hero, E. Olson, and A. A. Stokes
Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 2018. PDF

5. Integrating Soft Sensor Systems Using Conductive Thread
L. Teng, K. Jeronimo, T. Wei, M. P. Nemitz, G. Lyu, and A. A. Stokes
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 2018. PDF

4. HoverBots: Precise Locomotion Using Robots That Are Designed for Manufacturability
M. P. Nemitz, Mohammed E. Sayed, John Mamish, Gonzalo Ferrer, Lijun Teng, Ross McKenzie, Alfred O. Hero, Edwin Olson, and Adam A. Stokes
Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 2018. PDF

3. SOPHIA: Soft Orthotic Physiotherapy Hand Interactive Aid
A. C. McConnell, M. Vallejo, R. C. Moioli, F. L. Brasil, N. Secciani, M. P. Nemitz, C. P. Riquart, D. W. Corne, P. A. Vargas, and A. A. Stokes
Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering, 2017PDF

2. Using Voice Coils to Actuate Modular Soft Robots: Wormbot, an Example
M. P. Nemitz, P. Mihaylov, T. W. Barraclough, D. Ross, and A. A. Stokes
Soft robotics, 2016. PDF

1. Controlling and Simulating Soft Robotic Systems: Insights from a Thermodynamic Perspective
D. Ross, M. P. Nemitz, and A. A. Stokes
Soft Robotics, 2016. PDF

Other Publications

HoverBots: Embracing and Detecting Collisions Using Robots Designed for Manufacturability
M. P. Nemitz, E. Olson, and A. A. Stokes
International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Workshop: Swarms: From Biology to Robotics and Back, 2018. PDF


Density-based analysis of powdered mixtures of illicit drugs, adulterants, and dilutants
C. K. Abrahamsson , A. Nagarkar, M.J. Fink, D.J. Preston, J.S. Bozenko, S. Ge, M.P. Nemitz, and G.M. Whitesides

U.S. Provisional Patent App. , filed March, 2019.


Postdoctoral Award for Professional Development, Harvard University, 2019

International Internship Grant, CDT-ISM*, 2017

Best Oral Presentation Award, The University of Glasgow, 2016

Global Impact at Home Shortlisted Nominee, Edinburgh University Students’ Association, 2016

Research Scholar, University of Michigan, 2015

Best Poster Award, The University of Edinburgh, 2015

Doctoral Studies Scholarship, Scottish Research Council, 2013

Industrial Undergraduate Scholarship, ThyssenKrupp Steel, 2009


President of the Engineering Graduate Society
The University of Edinburgh, 2015-2016

Educational Outreach ‘Hands on 3D Printing’
West Linton Primary School, 2015

*Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Sensing and Measurement