Non-Electronic Control of Soft Robots

A Soft Ring Oscillator
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Digital Logic for Soft Devices
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Soft Non-Volatile Memory for Non-Electronic Information Storage in Soft Robots
M. P. Nemitz, C. K. Abrahamsson, L. Wille, D. J. Preston, A. A. Stokes, and G. M. Whitesides
IEEE Soft Robotics Conference 2020. accepted.

Integration of Electronics and Soft Materials

Soft RFID sensors: Wireless Long-range Strain Sensors Using Radio-frequency Identification 
L. Teng, K. Pan, M. P. Nemitz, R. Song, Z. Hu, and A. A. Stokes
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Integrating Soft Sensor Systems Using Conductive Thread
L. Teng, K. Jeronimo, T. Wei, M. P. Nemitz, G. Lyu, and Adam A. Stokes
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Linbots: Soft, Modular Robots Utilising Voice Coils
R. M. McKenzie, M. E. Sayed, M. P. Nemitz, B. W. Flynn, and A. A. Stokes
Soft robotics, 2018. PDF

SOPHIA: Soft Orthotic Physiotherapy Hand Interactive Aid
A. C. McConnell, M. Vallejo, R. C. Moioli, F. L. Brasil, N. Secciani, M. P. Nemitz, C. P. Riquart, D. W. Corne, P. A. Vargas, and A. A. Stokes
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Using Voice Coils to Actuate Modular Soft Robots: Wormbot, an Example
M. P. Nemitz, P. Mihaylov, T. W. Barraclough, D. Ross, and A. A. Stokes
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Analysis, Simulation, and Control of Soft Robotic Systems

Capability by Stacking: The Current Design Heuristic for Soft Robots
S. T. Mahon, J. Roberts, M. E. Sayed, D. H. Chun, S. Aracri, R. M. McKenzie, M. P. Nemitz, and A. A. Stokes
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Controlling and Simulating Soft Robotic Systems: Insights from a Thermodynamic Perspective
D. Ross, M. P. Nemitz, and A. A. Stokes

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Minimalistic Robots and Signal Processing

The Limpet: A ROS-Enabled Multi-Sensing Platform for the ORCA Hub
M. E. Sayed, M. P. Nemitz, S. Aracri, A. C. McConnell, R. M. McKenzie, and A. A. Stokes
MDPI Sensors, 2018PDF

HoverBots: Precise Locomotion Using Robots That Are Designed for Manufacturability
M. P. Nemitz, M. E. Sayed, J. Mamish, G. Ferrer, L. Teng, R. McKenzie, A. O. Hero, E. Olson, and A. A. Stokes
Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 2018. PDF

Multi-Functional Sensing for Swarm Robots Using Time Sequence Classification: HoverBot, an Example
M. P. Nemitz, R. Marcotte, M. E. Sayed, G. Ferrer, A. O. Hero, E. Olson, and A. A. Stokes
Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 2018PDF

HoverBots: Embracing and Detecting Collisions Using Robots Designed for Manufacturability
M. P. Nemitz, E. Olson, and A. A. Stokes
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